The Jewish Claim To Jerusalem Lecture

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 from 07:00 pm to 08:30 pm

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020 from 07:00 pm to 08:30 pm
Peltz Center for Jewish Life at 2233 West Mequon Road
Mequon, Wisconsin, United States, 53092
Peltz Center for Jewish Life
262-242-2235 262-242-2235
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An archaeological refutation of the academic critics, who deny Israel’s historic connection between the Jewish people and their ancient homeland

Rabbi Avraham Stolik takes us on a journey through archaeological discoveries to 
uncover the true story of the Bible and the Land of Israel. With the actual archaeological finds, he disputes the many forms of opposition used to deny our history.

Hidden under thousands of years of dust and debris lies a treasure trove of relics 
containing the biblical secrets of our nation and the claim to our homeland. In recent 
years, archaeological discoveries in the ancient city of Jerusalem and throughout the 
Land of Israel have uncovered key findings that present a powerful and convincing case for the biblical story and for the Jewish claim to Israel—even for those who have a hard time believing.

The uncovering of King David’s Palace demonstrates the actual facts of the stories related in the books of Samuel and Jeremiah. Imagine the excitement when clay seals with the actual names of ministers at the time of the destruction of the first Holy Temple, were found in the excavations of the palace. His presentation, which includes maps, power points, and short video spots, will appeal to anyone with an interest in our history.  

What's more - These are 'hot button' issues facing Jews today and Israel in particular. 
It centers on the single most contentious issue in the Middle East conflict. It's important that you arm yourself with the facts on the ground - and underground.

The presentation is a blend of historical background and the latest archaeological 
discoveries, presented in a clear manner through imagery, diagrams and videos.  
Participants will walk away with a stronger connection to their Jewish heritage and to 
the land of Israel.

Journey back in time to discover your Israelite roots in the land of our ancestors with 
this transformative audio-visual presentation.

Rabbi Stolik will share his extensive knowledge of Jewish history, secular Bible study and his passion for biblical archaeology. He has created a unique presentation which has received wide acclaim from his audiences, and has earned him a reputation as a biblical archaeological scholar of note.

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Peltz Center for Jewish Life

Phone: 262-242-2235 262-242-2235

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Peltz Center for Jewish Life

2233 West Mequon Road
Mequon, Wisconsin, United States
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